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EduCO is a non-profit organization in northern Italy that helps children and teens with learning differences like dyslexia to learn English. The children are mainly 14-18 years old but some are 12-13. They have English lessons in school but additional 1:1 remote-learning lessons greatly enhance their learning. It will not follow a set school text or curriculum but be pure Neurolanguage Coaching, working with them on what they wish to learn and exploring their interests to assist in the coaching.

Fluency in Italian is absolutely not essential. A basic working knowledge is perfect. Indeed, EduCO believes that if coaches make ‘mistakes’ in Italian this will help the youngsters to relax and feel they can make ‘mistakes’ in English. 

EduCO will provide to you a podcast in English which will help understand dyslexia and other differences which will enhance your understanding during coaching sessions.

EduCO uses a special platform for teaching they will help you access and will be the remote delivery platform for your coaching.  We will not be exchanging phone numbers or other details and communication with the children must only be through this platform. Because they are minors, we need to strictly adhere to this.

These children have been house-found due to the lockdown situation in Italy for some weeks already. They are in a region that was identified early on as a cluster area for coronavirus. I think we all realize what a service it will be especially at this time to bring enrichment to them and help them to learn English through the relaxed, efficient and client-centred methodology of Neurolanguage Coaching.

The commitment will be for a session a week, for about an hour a week or a little more if you can spare the time. It is initially projected to be a commitment that lasts for a few months although will be reviewed. 

If you have questions about this ELC project please contact Elsa Sousa at i[email protected].

We want to make the best matches for you and your coachees.  So please could you confirm that you would like to join by submitting the form below and give us the required information..

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