Invest in yourself and your career with the first and only NeuroHeart Education® Coaching Certification course in the world

NeuroHeart Education® Coaching for schools, universities, teachers, trainers and educators of any discipline (including HR managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs)

Become a NeuroHeart Educator

accredited by the International Coach Federation

(with a total of 36 ICF accredited hours)

We are pleased to announce the NeuroHeart Educational Coach Training. This course is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) with 30 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) hours, plus 6 hours of Resource Development. The course has a very well-balanced ratio of theory and practice with a high degree of active coaching, so you instantly come into practical coaching and “learning by doing”.

You can choose between the live interactive online programme consisting of 36 hours in online sessions or the face-to-face programme is divided into blended online and face to face, with 3 x two-hour online sessions, then 3 full days face to face and finally 3 x two hour online sessions).

Learning outcomes

  • Transforms teachers to NeuroHeart Educators with the added knowledge of neuroscience and added depth of emotional intelligence
  • Sets the foundations for coaching and coaching conversations
  • Deepens coaching effectiveness and powerful conversations
  • Enhances active listening and enhances communication skills
  • Gives insights to various coaching models and develops their use in practice
  • Gives insights into how the brain learns, reacts and functions
  • Deepens understanding of knowledge acquisition and the learning process
  • Create understanding of the need for a potential perfect learning state based on principles of neuroscience
  • How to connect NeuroHeart Education coaching to the ICF coaching competencies
  • How to engage coachees into focused learning and sustain their goals with high success rate
  • How to connect and apply new NeuroHeart Educational Coaching models to the teaching process
  • How to follow the structure and framework of the NeuroHeart Educational Coaching approach adapted to each individual coachee or group of coachees.


The content covered is as follows:

  • What is Coaching?
  • Coaching key professional skills
  • Neuroscience in Coaching – Impacts that we want on the brain
  • Introduction to neuroscience, the brain and learning
  • Optimising the learning
  • Principles of being a great coach educator
  • Deepening Coaching Skills
  • Practical changes to coaching conversations
  • Motivation diagnostic
  • Introducing the Mastery goal setting process
  • FEELING Model for Consolidation

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