March 2020

ADVANCED NLC live online course

Next Advanced course will be starting 6th May (see schedule at www.languagecoachingcertification.com/event/advanced-nlc-online/). Do let us know if you want to join. Package prices also available if you would like to book also Professional and Teacher Trainer levels.

PROFESSIONAL NLC live online course

Next Professional NLC course will be starting 7th May – do let us know if you would like to join the group (schedule available at www.languagecoachingcertification.com/event/professional-nlc-online/.
If you wish to book for both Professional+TT, we are happy to offer you a special package price.

ELC TEACHER TRAINER live online course

ELC is developing trainers to deliver the ELC Language Coaching Certification course in various languages worldwide. With this course you will be prepared to be a trainer of the ELC Language Coaching Certification Course.

Next Teacher Trainer course will be starting 8th May – do let us know if you would like to join (timetable available at www.languagecoachingcertification.com/event/elc-teacher-trainer-online/

Charity Work – CALL FOR VOLUNTEER COACHES – INDIA and new project in ITALY

Neurolanguage coaches have come forward and joined ELC’s new volunteer project in numbers that showed not only a generosity of spirit but a commitment to using our skills to help those in need. Thank you everyone!

INDIA – the ISET project in India is getting ready to launch. Coaches will be working with scientists, teachers and medical personnel to upgrade their English so they can connect further with international colleagues and access academic information worldwide. ISET (https://www.isetf.org/) is a non-profit organization that uses this information to teach classes directly to students especially in rural areas which changes not only their future opportunities but also those of their families and communities.
For those of you still willing to join, we would appreciate if you could sign up HERE

ITALY – EduCO is a non-profit organization and new ELC project in Italy working with children age 13-17 with learning differences such as dyslexia. Coaches will be given full support from EduCO to learn about their needs and will provide extremely valuable coaching to enrich the children’s English learning experience – through pure coaching – no textbooks. An appeal for volunteers will start shortly. You won’t need to speak fluent Italian to coach –  a working knowledge is perfect.

MORE – new projects will start in the coming months. Are you interested in volunteering an hour or more of your skills a week to help learners to advance their English and their future?  Please contact Elsa.

2020 Neurolanguage Learning Conference

Not-so-early bird tickets are available until 31st March!

Do save your place at https://london20.neurolanguagecoaching.com/ – and please don’t forget to use your promo code: NLCOACHCONF.

And what a great group we have already! Looking forward to meeting you all in London!

Most Outstanding Neurolanguage Coach in the World Award

Neurolanguage Coaches are invited to nominate others or themselves and will be awarded based on evidence of impact in any of the following areas.

Please check more details at https://london20.neurolanguagecoaching.com/awards/

Prize is ALL EXPENSES PAID to the 5th Neurolanguage Learning Conference in Spain 2021, including conference ticket, flight and accommodation.

Do contact us for any additional information!