Here are some comments made by alumni of the Language Coaching Certification programme. Please check full interviews at www.languagecoachingcertification.com/testimonials/

“I was looking for inspiration and I found it! After a long career break, I took the LCC course because I wanted to update my skills in the ESL field. I certainly got that – this course is like being handed a whole new toolbox! Rachel has pioneered the concept of integrating principles from neuroscience and coaching into the language learning process. She presents her approach clearly and accessibly, and provides plenty of opportunities to practice using it during the course. As a result, I am more enthusiastic than ever about my career as an educator, and I now feel equipped to take it to the next level.
(Jane Smith, UK)

The Neurolangage Coaching® course was excellent from start to finish! It was a brain friendly training that provided an environment to learn, share, and practice coaching from the first class.
(Anthony Moss-Zobel, France)

“In the LCC course I gained lots of insights in how to help people learn languages in a way that makes them responsible for their own learning process, and that tailors language activities even more than I already did. It was really fascinating to see how the brain functions, and how a neurolanguage coach can assure that someone enhances his language skills in a brainfriendly way.
(Anneke Siemons, The Netherlands)

“Being skeptical at first, I thought that it would be a waste of time and money. Oh boy, was I wrong! I’m so glad I signed up for the LCC course. This is a perfect course to transition from teacher into coach. The autonomous atmosphere, logical format and educationally effective program really make the LCC course stand out. Rachel is in a class of her own and she delivers her course exceptionally well. Also, there is Elsa who gives you fantastic costumer service right from the beginning. The LCC course is not only commendable, it is also a truly unforgettable experience. You should give it a go; you won’t regret it!”
(John Moloney, Ireland)

“As a teacher of English with the experience of 20+ years I have always felt that our learners are to be the  co-creators of the learning process,  and to be encouraged to take the responsibility for it. I have always been interested in the ways to motivate my learners, and the power of the method is really overwhelming. Learners are involved into goal-setting and the process of defining actions which are to lead to the achievement of their goals.  What can be better than that!
The course was  delivered in Ukrainian exclusively for Ukrainian teachers.  Nina  Svorak, who conducted the course, provided the gentle guidance, the wealth of theoretical knowledge, and gave us  the priceless practical support during our sessions. Apart from this, I was also fortunate to be part  of a fantastic group of colleagues. Overall it was a fabulous experience, highly recommended to all those teachers who look for new ways to better cater for the needs of their learners.
A great thank you to the creator of the course Rachel M. Paling and our trainer Nina Svorak!”
(Olena Urazova, Ukraine)

“I took the LCC to find out how I can help my learners find their motivation and set their own goals. Rachel’s course gave me all that and much more. I would have never expected to learn so much in such a short time frame. I have become a better listener and I know how to ask powerful questions. The brain friendly approach to grammar has taken a lot of pressure from me and my learners. The LCC has definitely made my training sessions more effective.”
(Vera Tillner, Germany)

“Before studying Neurolanguage Coaching® I had been a teacher for many years.  This course opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. My language coaching instructor, Nicole Ziman, was very professional, extremely pleasant, very understanding and made me feel like one of the group even English is not my native tongue. The course was given in a very calm and relaxed manner and I always looked forward to our sessions. Thank you for a very interesting course.”
(Bilha Hartuv, Israel)

“I dream about going beyond the traditional teaching to help my dear learners ❤️ AWAKEN their power to DREAM and achieve their GOALS in English 🙏I need a technology!” – I underlined following Rachel Marie Paling question: “What are your expectations from the Neurolanguage Coaching Course?”.
And last Sunday at our Grand Finale having reflected upon the course and our prior expectations I claimed to be a happy owner of a KEY 🔑 into the DISTINCT WORLD of education! The World of an absolute brain 🧠 friendly learning FREE of the words “drilling”, “must”, “on the bandwagon”… The World of the FLOW STATE when knowledge comes naturally and easily having our 4-hour sessions in a single burst 🤓 The World of SEXY GRAMMAR & learning JOURNEY instead of a traditional lesson curriculum. The World of NEUROSCIENCE and COACHING as milestones to tailor future cooperation and supply the brain 🧠 with all the amenities to achieve success. The World of learning OUTCOMES telling own tale 🙌 So far, I haven’t dared to abandon my traditional teaching fully. In the short run, at least, due to my need for PRACTICE to make this shift as SMOOTH as possible. And relatively soon I’ll catch this new wave of Neurolanguage Coaching® to introduce the world of alternative learning to my dear Learners ❤️ My first session ASSESSMENT is on the horizon following the Neurolanguage Coach® Certification🤓 Anticipating a new CHAPTER of my LIFE BOOK 🙏”
(Alona Korniienko, Ukraine)

“I must say that the Neurolanguage Coaching course with Rachel Paling was definitely beyond my expectations. Rachel’s approach and guidance are inspirational and her energy and kindness are simply amazing. The course provides wonderful insights into brain and language acquisition. It gave me new tools which helped me structure and personalize my program even further in a much more effective way. Truly empowering experience.”
(Daniela Kraljic, Spain)

“LCC has been a great opportunity to develop my career. It provided me with tools as an active listener to discover my coachees interests and goals. 3MS are a powerful tool too, as they are the lights and the core of the action plan that every coachee owns and leads to achieve their goals. This transition from a teacher to a coach has been enlightening and motivating, providing me with a neuroscience framework that enriches my practice making it more brain friendly. I look forward to continuing to learn more and take the advanced course, hoping that is so well delivered as Francisca and Macarena did. Thank you for helping me grow professionally.”
(Catherinne Guiloff, Chile)

“As I said before, this course was a revelation to me. My experience with teaching adults hasn’t been very satisfactory , at some point I gave up teaching adults because I felt that adults need something different than my younger students and I just didn’t know where to look. And so, Rachel’s method came like a Christmas gift 🙂 It really opened my eyes to a lot of new possibilities and opportunities in my career. Now I am considering going all the way up with the courses and even going into life coaching at some point. So, thank you Rachel!”
(Felicia Verban, Romania)

“I decided to take the LCC course when I read more online about what Neurolanguage Coaching is and watched a couple of videos with Rachel. What was described sounded a lot like what I have been doing for years in my teaching, but I only did it instinctively – because it felt right. Now that I have completed the course, I know that it not only feels right, but it is also right, and there is a lot of science to back me up on this! Transitioning from a language teacher to a language coach is definitely a journey worth taking for the benefit of my learners.”
(Stavroula Mizeraki, Greece)

“This course was life changing for me. Not only did I learn how to teach English in a more efficient way, but I also developed useful life skills which helped me on a personal level. Coaching helps you become a far better educator and if you want to improve the language learning service you give to your students, this course is a no-brainer and fantastic investment.”
(Peter Greliak, England)

“I have been an English teacher since 1993. I never do the same lesson twice and I love learning about new techniques and methods. This course has given me the tools that I have been looking for to take my teaching up a notch. I loved learning with Nicole Ziman who is still on hand for any question that I may have and I appreciate her very much. She is professional, knowledgeable and explained the material extremely clearly. Thank you for this wonderful course and I look forward to continuing to the next one.”
(Ros Rubinstein, Israel

“In 2021 I knew I wanted to advance my career and reignite my passion for teaching.  I also knew I wanted to learn more about coaching, neuroscience, about communication and how emotions interfered with the way my students and I communicated. I also wanted to learn Italian but while working on my English skills since I normally read and write but I do not speak the English language as I used to.
This course gave me what I wanted and much more: I learnt more about neuroscience, about coaching and about how to communicate effectively. I also attended the course in English and I was lucky to meet people from all over the world with different languages. People who inspired me and helped me start with my Italian classes. We are never too old to study. I know now that I will be more prepared, more skilled, more connected and able to provide a new innovative service.”
(Gabriela Fernanda Torregiani, Argentina)

“I am grateful for all the acquired knowledge and to have learned such a versatile method based on neuroscience that through coaching, can stimulate and help language learners effectively. The LCC course was a great experience that motivates me to continue teaching with all my heart.”
(Midori Minami, Japan)

“Language coaching certification course was one of the best courses I have done. The Team was fantastic and helped in every situation. During the course sessions I learnt so many new and invaluable things about the brain, what helps to learn the language,   what stops and blocks people from enjoying the process of learning and communication.  I had so many opportunities to practise, to share my  own observations, to discuss. I do advise the course to everyone who wants to be a better educator, language teacher, trainer.”
(Jurga Žymančiūtė – Brazaitienė, Lithuania)

“Taking this course I was looking for something new and fresh, because I understood that we couldn’t help a modern  learner acquire a foreign language with the help of the methods from the previous century. Nowadays teachers have to keep up with new technologies and tendencies to stand out from the crowd.
When I came across Neurolanguage Coaching ® I didn’t hesitate a moment to take it. And I haven’t regretted it a single minute. Some techniques from coaching such as active listening and powerful questions help me create much efficient communication with my clients. Some knowledge of neuroscience makes my sessions brain-friendly and personalized. I have looked at a teaching-learning process from a different perspective, up-to-date and client-oriented.
Now my working process will never be the same. I myself will never be the same. Thank you, Rachel!”
(Tatsiana Rybalkina, Belarus)

“I was excited to follow this course, I imagined it would complete my toolbox. It indeed exceeded my expectations, it improved shaping my actions and judgment, a real eye opener for me as the training also covers how the brain works when learning and how motivating the coachee is part of their learning process.”
(Marie Claire Berkmans, France)

“I would highly recommend this course to all the teachers, it is an essential part of teaching in the 21st century. It helps to understand your learners better, moreover it improves your relationships with your family and friends. It helped me a lot to understand how to boost the progress of my learners and find their motivation in a place where they couldn’t imagine before. That was my best investment in myself in 2020.”
(Nataliia Som, Ukraine)

“I joined the group in the last minute and I was heartily welcomed. Rachel presents and leads the course in a smooth, engaging and motivating way. Her energy and enthusiasm made the group fire together. She enlightened our professional and personal lives with invaluable knowledge and caring. Our lightsabers will never fade out! I am grateful for this absolutely mind-blowing experience. I highly recommend this course for language lovers and those who care about the brain and the heart.”
(Mariluce Rodrigues, Brazil)

“When I was first introduced to the concept of Neurolanguage Coaching, little did I realise that the whole new world was awaiting me once I joined the course. I’ve learned so much about a new approach to helping people to learn foreign languages as well as a new approach to communication.  Not only did I have a chance to hear Rachel communicate and coach, but also I did a vast amount of practice myself in the role of both coach and coachee. Last but not least, I’ve become part of the Language Coaching Community of enthusiastic educators from all over the world where I continue to learn from Rachel and my fellow coaches in regular online meetings. I’m really grateful to Rachel and the whole Efficient Language Coaching team for this wonderful opportunity.”
(Svetlana Marinskaya, Ukraine)

“The Neurolanguage Coaching course was beyond my expectations, it was a life changing course. It helped me to see teaching and learning from a completely different perspective. I learned that we can make students reflect on their own learning process and guide them to take control of it instead of imposing things we believe is good for them. Before this course I knew students needed a different approach so that they would feel more confident and willing to learn but I didn’t know how to do this effectively. Since the first day I started changing the way I deliver my lessons based on things I was learning on the course I saw an even bigger change on my students that reacted in a very positive way. Thank you Rachel for so many insights, support and knowledge, this course was really fantastic.”
(Aline Treff Meneses, Brazil)

“Completing the LCC with Rachel has been a life changing experience!  With patience and care, she guides us into our own power, resulting in a complete transformation!  These methods are so incredibly useful and can be used in so many areas of our lives.  This is Language Enlightenment!  This is Educator Enlightenment!  Rachel is somehow helping me get over my shyness, it’s just phenomenal! She is phenomenal!  Neurolanguage Coaching is phenomenal!  Rachel’s team is phenomenal!  I cannot say it enough!  Thank you ELC!!!!”
(Kirsten Boic, South Africa)

“Finding connections among seemingly different things is a recurrence in my learning experience and the Neurolanguage Coaching® approach to learn a language embodies the unique and motivating nature of innovation as a way to find those connections and make them meaningful. Neurolanguage Coaching® brings together the pieces I’ve seen for years in my practice as a teacher and recent experience as a coach, providing the tools to lead our coachees into a path of valuable experiences while learning a language in a comfortable and enjoyable way.”
(Angel Moronta-Martinez, Venezuela / USA)

The LCC course was a truly wonderful experience. I have no regrets about taking the course and feel what I have learnt will be extremely beneficial to my present and future learners. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone wishing to gain new insights into how we learn best and how to empower our learners. Thank you, Rachel!
(Amanda Croft, UK)

“Neurolanguage Coaching ® has helped me develop on a professional and personal level. Why wouldn’t you want to do a course that provides invaluable knowledge to you? I stumbled across this course and I will never look back. Thank you Rachel and the ELC team!”
(Inge Klisiewicz, South Africa)

“Before I took the course I had been searching for some inspiration and motivation in my teaching career. That is exactly what I found by taking the course. It was a huge step forward and truly enriching experience. Not only was the course very informative and organised in a very professional manner but all the information gave me a whole new perspective on teaching process. I also had the opportunity to practise a lot. The best thing is that you can put everything you learn during the course into practice straightaway and see the results immediately. It is amazing how applying coaching techniques into a learning process can change the learners’ experience. This course can help you to transform from a teacher into a coach. I learnt how to empower students and keep them involved and focused while keeping brain friendly environment, how they can overcome their barriers and learn fast. This course has just motivated me to work even harder and not to rest on my laurels 🙂 I also like being part of a neurolanguage coaching community. Before and during the course the communication was very prompt, thank you Elsa, information always provided. I honestly felt supported. Thank you Katarina, Rachel for encouragement and inspiration.”
(Ľuboslava Hvizdošová, Slovakia

“Having been an English language trainer for 10-12 years, I’m always looking for new training methods in order to make my lessons more interesting and effective. I was feeling like a buoy in the language sea and LCC has worked as an anchor for me. I’m looking forward to becoming a little lighthouse and sharing this innovative and exciting learner-centric coaching process”
(Priya Duc, France)

“As a language teacher and enthusiast, Neurolanguage Coaching was a great and enriching step for me. I found new and innovative access to clients which can help me and my colleagues at our school to differ from other teachers, lectors or schools. It was full of energy and well mixed theory with practice, all perfectly matched with my expectations. I have definitely become a better teacher with great motivation to use new knowledge and skills. Thank you Katarina and Rachel!”
(Branislav Švec, Slovakia)

“The Neurolanguage Coaching Certification has undoubtedly given me the twist my teaching profession needed to fully understand the way learners acquire a second language. I did not only learn how their brain works but also how to have them involved in the process, in this way, giving them more autonomy and empowering their roles. Acknowledging that they all come with different needs and backgrounds is key to find their motivation and keep it high so as to lead to efficient and long lasting results.”
(Roxana Areán, Argentina)

“Neurolanguage Coaching ®, for me, is a stepping stone towards personalised language learning for our ‘new normal’ world. I found Rachel and the course at a time I was becoming increasingly discontent having to use standard course books and traditional teaching methods. Rachel is a powerful coach, with a mastery of calm in the face of the ‘amygdala hijack’ that is truly inspirational. Training with Efficient Language Coaching has not only proven that what my intuition and brain were telling me about language training was true, but has also allowed me to finally map out my own path as a language trainer and brain-friendly coach. As a coach, working with young and middle-aged adults, I offer affirmation. Together, we identify and break down internal blocks to confidence, then build up language courage. Exploring language connections, we break language into chunks (like a chocolate bar), building new bridges in the brain, all the while ‘having the craic’ (dopamine is key and I’m very Irish) under a little squeeze of pressure! It has been remarkable so far to observe how rapidly clients find their courage, adapt and grow. Thank you ELC and Rachel. What a family to join!”
(Christine Mullaney, Ireland)

“The Neurolanguage Coaching Certification is a very useful and practical course. It has been an eyeopening experience for me. I have not only grown as a teacher/coach, but also as a person. It’s amazing how incorporating coaching techniques into language learning can make such a difference. The part about the brain was very interesting, Rachel taught us about the perfect learning state and how to teach in a brain-friendly way. The brain is such an intriguing and unknown part of our body to most of us. I have learned so many new things! This course certainly makes you reflect on your role and behaviour inside and outside the classroom.”
(Simone Bleda, Spain)

“The course introduced me to a fresh perspective about the teachers’ role when helping students to overcome language barriers during the learning process. It made me see that we can change, advance and overcome barriers. This is priceless! I felt in love with neurolanguage and neuroscience.”
(Elaine de Oliveira Frem, Brazil)

“I found the course incredibly useful from beginning to end. I was enthusiastic to start the course, but what I received was much more than I expected. Not only did I find it useful to continue expanding my knowledge of neuroscience and everything related to different forms of teaching/ learning processes, but it also happened to be very enriching at a
personal level. Understanding the principles of coaching adapted to a learning process is an absolute asset that I have benefitted from immensely and that I have now incorporated into my teaching. Rachel’s passion and love for the work immensely motivated me, made me want to learn more and made me fall in love with Neurolanguage Coaching. One of my main needs as an actress and as an English Coach was to be able to have enough tools to sustain a session with my clients, and thanks to the ELC programme I am now secure, solid and in love with my work. Thank you so much
Rachel, I am forever grateful!”
(Violeta Orgaz Alvarez, Spain)

“I found each and every moment of the course amazing and eye-opening. The neuroscience part was absolutely fantastic. The greatest thing about it is that you can put everything into practice right after the course.  Even during the course we did lots of coaching and role-plays, so there was a perfect balance between theory and practice. I feel this course was the best choice I could have possibly made to transform my teaching into language coaching. I feel more confident in my job and it is a great feeling to know the scientific background of everything I do.”
(Gabriella Szabó-Szûcs, Hungary)

“I am really grateful to Rachel Marie Palling for creating such a great method of language coaching because it totally changed my points of view how should we teach our learners. Now I am more motivated than ever before to provide my coaching services to our students and help them to achieve their highest language goals.”
(Dragana Jovanović Kuprešanin, Serbia)

“This was an information and action-packed course providing fascinating insights into how a bridge can be built between the fields of coaching and neuroscience. Rachel’s energy and enthusiasm are truly inspiring and I am very much looking forward to applying what I have learnt in an equal partnership with existing and new clients as we, language coach and coachee, embark on journeys of language discovery and shared learning experiences!  Thank you Rachel and Elsa for your professionalism and passion!”
(Daphne Klimmek, Germany)

“The Neurolanguage Coaching program turned out to be just what I was looking for. We practiced methods of facilitating language learning which have the potential for much deeper and more efficient learning. For me, it has always been about making connections. Now I have new ways to help my clients make connections in their brains, between languages, and most importantly, when they communicate using English.”
(Kate Fisher, USA)

“I decided to take the LLC many months ago, because I thought it was really interesting to fit coaching into teaching. However, the course was well beyond that. I learned so much about how to create a brain-friendly environment so that students can overcome their fear of speaking. I also learned (and practiced) so many new strategies to help my students define goals and achieve them. It totally changed the way I manage my sessions.”
(Inês Carreira, Portugal)

“Before taking this course on Neurolanguage Coaching®, I felt so tired of teaching the same things to my students over and over again, with little or no results. Not very much motivation on my side and, of course, not much on theirs. I was stuck! When I found out about Rachel Paling and her methodology, it was music to my ears, especially the “sexy” grammar! Once again, I have found passion in what has been a life-time career. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart; you have given me a fantastic dose of dopamine!”
(Marcela G. Grobet Vallarta, Mexico)

“I’ve been teaching English as a second language for years, specially adults, and I feel they’ve been looking for new ways of learning, also new ways to be helped to learn. Then I decided to search for courses which would enable me to have something different to offer learners and that was when I got to know the Neurolanguage Coaching® course. This course definitely expanded my horizons in such a way that now I´m coaching not only English, but also preparing my Portuguese Neurolanguage Coaching® papers in order to start delivering my native language knowledge to clients around the world! Through NLC I realized how important my presence as a coach can be and how much I can lead my clients to new paths while developing the knowledge of a new language their own ways. It was a great journey which is about to show its brightest sides”
(Bianca Oliveira Mela Furlan, Brazil)

“Neurolanguage Coaching® is the way forward – in the future people are going to wonder why we stuck with traditional teaching methods for so long!! A brain friendly approach just makes so much sense! Before doing the Neurolanguage Coaching® course with Rachel, I didn’t have a clear path for my future and I felt frustrated at my limited abilities to help people feel good about their language learning. I felt like I was ambling along! Now, having done the course, I feel like I am flying!!!
(Shona Currie Bannatyne, Spain)

“Neurolanguage Coaching® disarms the dry process of lecturing with the charm of neuroscience and Coaching. It really empowers the coachees to embark on a safe brain-friendly learning journey. Coaching questions raise their self-awareness and clear language goals accelerate their acquisition. I really feel that I am building brain bridges with my coachees and consequently, they are building their own bridges connecting and wiring separate islands of information in their brains that once seemed detached or isolated. As a pioneer in Egypt, I am working with my coachees to develop brain literacy to help them recognise their brain potentials and strengthen neural networks in each session
(Samar Attia, Egypt)

“Neurolanguage Coaching® combines the rational, emotional and educational process of language acquisition. The transformation of the language learning becomes effective and relevant. Since I have been using Neurolanguage Coaching®, my clients have become more autonomous, independent and confident English learners
(Nicole Ziman, Israel)

“Neurolanguage Coaching came when I was unhappy with a traditional teaching method, the books, the classroom environment. I wanted something else, I wanted to give students consistency and show them they were able to evolve and love the process at the same time. Now, becoming a neurolanguage coach, I’m able to create an environment where the coachee feels safe and is able to take any risk; the risk of making a mistake and not being judged; the risk of taking full control over their learning process and end up finding out they’re the main characters of their own journey. That’s magic. As a person and professional, my life’s changed entirely. I feel I’m a whole new person after the course. The coachees and I have become a team: When it gets hard we break it down together, we rebuild it together, we recreate it together. In the end, they and I always realize that we need to change to help others change and become better versions of ourselves.
(Carla Rafaela de Oliveira Formaggio, Brazil)

“I took the LCC course as I wanted to deepen my understanding of how to improve effectiveness in the learning process, predominantly when teaching to adults. The course was both informative and instructive. Moreover, the ability to do it online made it easier to participate. And although at the beginning I wasn’t so sure about the way such a topic could be trained online, I must say that thanks to Rachel’s passion and professionalism, the course turned out to be a series of interactive sessions which made it lively, challenging and extremely interesting. The class environment was always collaborative and inclusive. I felt welcomed, supported and patiently coached throughout the duration of the course. Definitely a very pleasant and worthwhile learning experience.
(Silvia Risetti Alcock, Italy)

“Taking the LCC course has been a major step in my professional career. It has given me a huge boost of energy, strengthening my belief in the importance of personalized methods in language teaching. The sessions offered a wholly new perspective with a systematic and practical approach, with new insights to better understand how learners can learn in a more relaxed and efficient way, how I could better motivate them and eliminate the blocks they might have. Since completing the course, I have felt even more compassionate and understanding towards my clients, who love the new techniques we use. The course with Rachel has significantly changed my approach to language teaching in general and my coachees in particular. I am looking forward to this new chapter in my professional life.
(Andrea Danyi, Hungary)

“I have found it very useful and interesting not only to work better when I am doing my job but also for myself for my everyday life. It has been like a journey into my thoughts and feelings and it has helped me to pay even more attention on people and on the words I use. I think I can say I became more diplomatic and less straight when I speak. I also enjoyed to be in a virtual class with people from different Countries. And, of course, I did appreciated the way Rachel was dealing with us and training us all ; she had been always very generous and patient in giving us explanations and answers.
(Barbara Montecchi, Italy)

“After 23 years of teaching mostly Business English to adults, I came across one of Rachel’s videos in my LinkedIn feed. I watched it and realized I was intuitively navigating towards this concept. She just confirmed the way I felt about language teaching. I could completely relate to her words. The LCC course gave me the structure and guidelines I needed to further improve my teaching. Now I am looking forward to starting the Advanced course!
(Jasmina Radivojša, Serbia)

“The Neurolanguage Coaching® course came in my life just in the right moment. I learned so much about the brain, how it works and how we can use this to help our students learn more efficiently and easily. Now my students enjoy the grammar conversations that we have and we work on the mechanical part of the language with pleasure. I really liked the positive atmosphere of the course and enjoyed every minute of it. I met wonderful people who are now my friends and who have inspired me to learn more and to start new projects. Now I feel more confident in helping children and adults learn languages in a different way. I would like to thank Rachel Paling and Clare Crawford for this wonderful experience!
(Galina Cholakova, Bulgaria)

“LCC Course helped me a lot not only as an Italian teacher for foreigners but also as a coach. Rachel gave us a big amount of information, helping us to develop our knowledge and apply it gradually, so I have always felt safe to do that in the best way. Everything was so well organized; our Manual is thorough and a great reference point I always use when I have any doubt. One of the things I found particularly useful was the constant interaction with my colleagues followed by Rachel’s deep and complete feedback on every single aspect to be improved and on those I was doing well about. From session to session, every piece of knowledge fell into its own place and it was easy to translate them into practice. The days in London were simply invaluable, as dense, rich and challenging as transformative. Not to mention the communication with Elsa, who was always supportive, clear and promptly replying
(Paola Mastrorilli, Ireland)

“The Neurolanguage Coaching course with Rachel Paling was a motivating and eye opener experience. It allowed me to see how I was teaching and take it to a whole other level. I shifted my classes into tailor made sessions. I feel that my coachees are now more aware of the language they are learning, in a more powerful and brain friendly learning process. Thank you Rachel for the knowledge you transmitted, can’t wait to learn more from you!
(Annette Costa, Portugal)

“After long hours of training and practice, today I’m delighted to share that I’m a formally and officially certified and accredited Neurolanguage Coach®! A course that opened a totally new pathway in my perspective as a teacher and helped me understand many aspects of human brain functions, which definitely favor optimal learning! I am also glad to know that I am the first NL coach in my country and I am looking forward to share with all the professionals, students, teachers around me, everything new I learned. A big thanks to my tutor/mentor/teacher Rachel Paling, who is the creator and the soul of this new field and concept. I highly recommend this course to all the teachers, who look for pioneering and essential professional development. A new journey has just started!
(George Kokolas, Greece)

“One of the most amazing experiences I have had in my professional career. I went looking for something to help my students with their issues and when the course finished I was more than surprised to find out it had changed ME! I have learnt more about myself, how I teach, how I interact and establish relationships with my students. It has changed completely the process I LEARN!
(Alaine Altube, Spain)

“This course is the best thing I’ve done professionally in the last 10 years and I’m so grateful to Rachel, who is an amazing NLC and trainer of NLCs. The course has given me more confidence and structure to my sessions and it has completely changed my approach. The stress-ball in my stomach has disappeared as the right direction has been so clearly illuminated by Rachel. I am now much better equipped to help my clients reach their language goals
(Richard Davies, France)

“The combination of neuroscience and coaching has resulted in a whole new level of positivity that is subtle, natural and perfectly suited to the language learner. I am convinced that for language learners in the C1 range, neurolanguage coaching is the most valuable option available to improve their language proficiency. Furthermore, as a certified coach I am now perfectly equipped and empowered to provide my coachees with the best possible language learning experiences and outcomes 🙂
(Diane Elizabeth Jackson, Malaysia)

“It was really transforming. It’s a whole new way of guiding people to discover a new language. I already feel the impact of the new approach on my coachees. I definitely see them more motivated and aware of their learning processes
(Gabriela Brugalli Müller, Brazil)

“During my teaching experience, I became aware of the necessity to personalize language training for better learning and persistent results. The LCC training gave me the scientific background and the practical means to understand personal learning styles and to support my learners to self-determine their language learning process
(Monika Vogel, Switzerland)

“It completely changed my approach to how I work with private clients and how I teach in the classroom. No more going back to „the old way“ of teaching languages! I totally feel like a rebel but in a good way
(Karin Raffa, Germany)

“I think that every single teacher should take this course because it shows how different each person is and what makes the learning process easier and what doesn’t
(Eva Peckova, Czech Republic)

“The words that come to my mind if I think of this course are the following: empowering, inspirational, practical and scientifically solid. It made me even more empowered in myself as more understanding, emphatic and accepting and the way my coachees reacted, the way they were shocked and how much they were energized and inspired was absolutely fascinating and confirming
(Rita Farkas, Hungary)

“It was definitely an eye-opening experience which grounded my professional practice. I have grown a neurolanguage coach® presence allowed me to know exactly what I am doing to help my coachees achieve their personal language goals. My learners have expressed witnessing a big impact in their language learning process and they highly appreciate it. LCC has definitely been a life-changing experience in my professional development
(Ana Sanchez, English teacher, Spain)

“Taking the Language Coaching Certification course was a great decision! I’ve learnt how to make my coaches aware of their learning processes and part of the learning journey. It’s a whole new world for educators as we learn how to create a more dynamic and brain-friendly environment for our learners. My learners are much more motivated after I started using the Neurolanguage Coaching® approach and I’m excited about what is yet to come
(Gabriela Brugalli Müller, Brazil)

“I have gained more adequate knowledge than during my university studies or a CELTA course. I always knew Motivation was there, but I’d never known how to really bring it into the classroom. The LCC has finally taught me how to actually concentrate on the musician’s knowledge, which is, the music itself
(Anna Strehl, Germany)

“Taking the LCC was like taking a step forward in my career as I’d been searching for some effective new methodology and approach to teaching. It helped me change the general approach to teaching from that serving solutions attitude to making the students look for and find the solutions by themselves. I can see coachees enjoy the classes more than when they use course books for learning
(Diana Karczewska, Poland)

“I started becoming conscious of the important role of the coach in a session and I discovered a change in the energy not only in me, but also in the coachees
(Patricia Quiroga, English teacher, Argentina)

“I was able to manage conversations to allow clients to have “a-ha” moments. I found I was guiding clients towards discovering the answer rather than explaining it to them directly. I found the course fascinating
(Gareth Jones, United Kingdom)

“The course also opened my eyes to my own potential as a language coach. I feel honoured to spread the effectiveness and impact of language coaching throughout the world. The fact that I am certified gives my clients more confidence to me as a coach
(Emi Kamiya, Japan)

“Everything was so practical that you could test it straight away and the awesome results really motivated me to want to learn more. It showed me how to give the client space and support so that he/she can do all the learning him/herself. I never imagined things could actually go from really good to awesome, and in such a short time. This new-found faith gives the client the right support and motivation to face even a very short course and get a feeling of fulfillment and pleasure
(Ines Reynoso, Italy)

“The cherry on top of the cake was the neuroscience side of it. I loved the sessions both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. I am now aware of what to do to get my students into their optimal learning state. Preparing lessons became less time consuming, lessons became Coachee oriented and more engaging. By being a happier Language Coach, I’m also more relaxed in my personal life. I am a Neurolanguage Coach® now. Language “teaching” will never be the same again
(Maria Ribeiro, Portugal)

“Thanks to the course, I have more clarity over what I would like to do in the future. I feel a lot less ‘resistance’ from my university students and I believe it’s because my rapport with them is better, softer. My students do feel a big difference between their traditional English class and their class with me
(Sofia Potes, France)

“I really discovered what coaching is and it blew my mind! I realized that the coaching methods we learnt about were so great and that they work. You’ll get a really different view of your work and your client in front of you. The immediate impact after the course on my way of teaching was that I tried to focus in the “state of mind” of my students. They are so happy with my attitude and method that I get a lot of recommendations, and I think that’s the best feedback
(Tania Hoffmann, Luxembourg)

“As I was putting the course to “use” with my students, I saw some changes in the way they received the material, the level of comfort and confidence was increasing and the results were definitely there. I felt like a kid in a candy store because of the old insights led to new insights and more depth. The course helped me gain a “global” vision of life in general and a better way of interacting and communicating with others as well. I found that the course affected how I positioned myself professionally. The impact on the coachees I work with is that they become self-sufficient, creative and confident
(Veronique Dupuy, USA)

“Coaching is not just knowledge but a set of skills and that was perfectly reflected in the practice-oriented sessions. With the LCC course I learnt how to best figure out what an individual needs. I found that the techniques I was learning were perfect solutions to the audience I’d always worked with. I felt energised and inspired, my attitude changed and I got more skilled in finding out exactly what they needed and how they needed me to teach them it. The results produced are much better and far more tangible than what I experienced as a teacher. This focused and goal-oriented process gives clarity to learning, helps achieve goals and develops learning strategies that guarantee long-term results development
(Zsofia Koscardi, Hungary)

“It made me feel renewed in my mission of coaching people into acquiring and improving their language skills. I am rediscovering myself as an individual and as a professional coach. It feels amazing
(Alessandra Gato, Italy)

“It was amazing, I really learned a lot! The coaching principles were very new to me and I am amazed by how helpful they are, even for regular teachers
(Camille Delefortrie, Canada)

“The language coaching course gave me an awareness of my own training style and how I could adapt that to build my students’ confidence, knowledge and fluency
(Sara Bruzy, France)

“I decided to look for something new, something that really helped my clients learn English more efficiently. NL method is the best way how to learn something and measure progress in an efficient way. I am now more likely to achieve the goals and my clients get a feeling of how much they’ve learned and the progress they’re making. My clients now feel confident with their English and it also gives me a boost of confidence when I approach new clients because now I know of a method which I can use to really help them
(Juan Carlos Campos Tapia, Peru)

“I personally think the course was brilliant. Honestly, I learned more during these few weeks than when doing my Master at the Uni. We covered really interesting and helpful areas of education. The method is very useful for various aspects of “teaching”. For example, I have never come across the idea of Social Pain but now I know how important it is to actually watch out our language, how important it is to know how to give feedback properly, how much damage people can do without taking this into consideration, etc. This has been a great eye-opener for me as a “teacher”/coach
(Anna, Germany)

“I can highly recommend the course to anyone who is searching for a change in their professional career as a language teacher. Being a teacher myself for almost 20 years I’ve always had a feeling that what I am doing is close to coaching practices but I just needed some evidence and support to be able to call myself a language coach. The course provided me both with theoretical and practical assumptions of language coaching and gave enough knowledge and experience so that I could start a new path of my career as a Qualified Language Coach
(Katarzyna, Poland)

“A truly rewarding experience that has not only extended my skill-set, but has helped me become a more aware coach and teacher
(Anna, Italy)

My learners have expressed witnessing a big impact in their language learning process and they highly appreciate it. They feel more empowered to continue their language journey and are happy to become an active agent of it
(Ana, Spain)

“Having been fascinated for some time by how the brain learned, the Language Coaching Certification course provided the data, facts and knowledge to back up what I’d intuitively felt was true as well as fill in a number of gaps and doubts I had. Furthermore, the techniques learned for goal setting will enable me to take my current course planning to a new and higher level providing both me and my clients with a clearer focus on what they are looking to achieve
(Gareth, UK)

“I loved the Language Coaching Course as it really helped me experiencing and discovering the world of coaching. As I intuitively already coached my clients a bit without knowing, it helped me develop these methods and even being more aware of it. In our days, the real 100% teaching is no longer a valid method in the adult education, so this method is our future for successful work and happy successful language learners
(Tania, Luxembourg)

“A wonderful experience into how the brain likes to learn. A very powerful way to learn another language. It was such a pleasure to be taught by Rachel. She really loved us into this journey
(Amy, Canada)

“The ELC Neurolanguage Coaching® Certification programme has redefined and reinvigorated my professional trajectory. The strength of the course lies in the common thread that connects various coaching and neuroscience models, which boils down to very small, simple shifts in approach that produce meaningful and powerful benefits to the language learning process. A truly enriching experience!
(Monia, Canada)

“I discovered the Language Coaching Certification by chance, just at a time when I had decided to change my career from teaching in a traditional classroom setting to a more individual and tailor-made approach. I wanted to be sure I could be able to significantly help my students reach their learning goals and I must say that the LCC course provided me with all that I needed – from a solid background in coaching tools and techniques to a very fascinating insight into neuroscience and how our brain learns. It was a very intensive course, packed with extremely useful information and resources which entirely changed my perspective on language learning. I also loved the very professional and relaxed way the trainers engaged us
(Luca, Italy)

“My experience with the Language Coaching Certification programme was amazing and refreshing. It was very practical and efficient. Overall, it was a mind-opening and hardwiring process requiring little effort to implement the various models used to engage learners in the language coaching process. I look forward to applying these brain-based techniques in my language classes or sessions and effectively produce positive results in my learners/clients
(Huong, Canada)

“I joined this program to expand my ability to apply neuroscience knowledge in my classes. I can say that the tools that this program gives are extremely powerful and have such an impact in my success as a teacher. Also, the possibility of taking the course online does not hinder in any way the learning process, as the meetings are very challenging, entertaining and interactive
(Hector, Spain)

“I have been a trainer/facilitator/coach in the corporate field for some 20 years, prior to which I worked as teacher of English for Specific Purposes serving mainly Europe-based organizations. Rachel’s excellent Language Coaching Certification program has enabled me to apply coaching techniques to language acquisition, an area that I have always been passionate about. I now look forward to helping my clients develop their confidence to apply their new language skills and become totally effective in the workplace. Thank you very much, Rachel, for a very beneficial, enriching and fun experience. I now feel totally able to go out there and just do it
(Philip, UK)

“Enriching, enlightening experience; a breakthrough in career
(Patrycja, Poland)

“LCC course with Rachel 🙂
Totally enlightening and generating plenty of fascinating insights. A definite breakthrough for me. Rachel the catalyst for the inspiration coming from within. An unstoppable process, it seems. Deep hunger for knowing more and more.
Self awareness. Self motivation. Doing my own thinking.
The opening point to yet another big story in my life 🙂
(Kate, Poland)

“Language coaching enables me to combine my experience in business with my love of English, as a both a writer and former teacher. Like all worthwhile things the coaching process needs to be experienced to be understood. The developments in neuro-linguistics add a new dimension to the language acquisition process.
(Bernie, Hungary)

“Knowing how our brain works and respond to events, and also why and how to have coaching conversations with my students, have had a great impact on the teaching and learning process.
Not only I have been more attentive to students’ individual way of learning by promoting adequate and favorable environment for that, but also getting students much more engaged and motivated.
Setting goals and chunking the language have also played huge difference, and much contributed to better results.
I must say that working as a Language Coach has been transformational in the way to help my students.
(Vania, Brazil)

“Language coaching offers a brilliant toolbox enriched with diagnostic techniques, which glues together my neurodidactic expertise with powerful analytic questions to motivate students and improve learners’ efficiency in language learning. It’s absolutely worth attending this language coaching training
(Brigittte, Austria)

“My experience with the Language Coaching Certification programme was positive.
Rachel Paling is a generous trainer.
I especially liked the amount of practice sessions we had that outnumbered the theory.
Great experience!
(Cristina, Italy)

“I truly enjoyed taking this course and look forward to starting my practice as language coach
(Sofia, France)

“I have been working English language learners in Italy for close to four years now, mostly with upper management and executives in transnational companies. I found that the communicative method only begins to tap into the learning possibilities and that applying the coaching principles to learning can really make an impact on the learner’s acquisition of the language as they are able to set clear objectives and come up with strategies to reach them.
My experience with the Language Coaching certification exceeded my expectations. I had been looking to bridge coaching with language training, particularly oriented towards a business context and the course provided just that
(Antonio, Portugal)

“The Language Coaching Certification Program has allowed me to really challenge the ways I have taught English in the past and channel it into something more professional and efficient
(Adam, Germany)

“I realized that I have been already using some elements of Language Coaching – it just came naturally with my attempts to understand and meet my clients’ needs. The programme helped me to focus more on client oriented approach to add the principles of coaching and to understand more how the brain works during the learning process
(Ivana, Czech Republic)

“The course provided me with valuable knowledge about the brain and how it likes to perceive information, this, in turn will enable me to boost my students’ motivation making learning process more engaging and effortless
(Indre, Lithuania)

“It’s absolutely wonderful being able to put all concepts together at last! I have done Coaching and NLP but till now it has been challenging to glue everything together into coaching languages. Now and through Efficient Language Coaching everything falls into place in a very enjoyable and easy way. Thanks, Rachel, for making this possible!!
(Anabel, Spain)

“The certification course was simply outstanding! Not only did it help me (a seasoned trainer and coach) re-discover the joys of teaching and learning – integrating coaching skills into the mix is a unique, cutting edge approach. I now have a bigger toolbox to better serve my clients and continue to grow my business. Thank you very much, Rachel!
(Wendy, Germany)

“The ELC language coaching certification programme has provided me with the fourth pillar for my research into language learning enhancement and it has opened up new and more effective ways of helping my students/clients set, and reach, their language related goals. The programme makes very effective use of the coaching principles it teaches and it provides plenty of practice to make sure we all re-wire our modus operandi into becoming effective listeners who ask the “magic” questions that will stretch our learners to success. I strongly recommend this programme
(Patricia, Gran Canaria)

“The language coaching certification has renewed my enthusiasm for language coaching and I find it a natural fit to my own natural style to work away from a text book. The added the knowledge of brain based learning helps my students to understand why they are not immersed in a textbook
(Christie, Belgium)

“The language coaching course was really a great experience, learning new skills with a very motivated group of people created a truly hands-on learning environment – a big thank you to Rachel. The course gave me an important insight into how language coaching can make a real difference to the learning process and I’m already using these new skills helping my clients to function in English in demanding professional situations
(Sue, France)

“The course skilfully combines learnings about the brain with the practices of professional coaching and applies them to the world of language acquisition. The result is a better understanding even for experienced teachers of what works best and why for an optimisation of the whole language-learning process. Thank you Rachel!
(Mary, France)

“I was very pleased with this course. I spent a year trying to find a coaching certification course applied to language learning. I refrained from many coaching courses and am glad I went with this one. It turned out to be everything I was hoping for
(Carol, France)

“I’d like to thank Rachel and ELC for a great few days. The framework Rachel provided for language coaching has already made an impact on my approach to training. I look forward to further deepening these skills and working more with the Efficient Language Coaching network in the future
(Dymphna, France)

“Our language coaching certification course in Paris in 2013-2014 – excellent! Very well planned and executed. All the essentials with just the right time for questions and feedback, neither excessive nor sparing. Congratulations to Rachel and Richard for their highly professional work. No hesitation in recommending the course
(Brendan, France)

“As I was seeking ways to enhance my language teaching skills and become a language coach, I took part in the Language Coaching Certification programme in June and July this year, carried out by Rachel Paling. I really did enjoy the lively and fruitful discussions in the online seminars and always appreciated the professional way they were conducted. I’m firmly convinced that the insights and knowledge regarding brain-based learning I gained in this highly efficient course will help me to achieve my goals and provide me with new ideas which I then will be able to apply in English coaching sessions in the best way.
Thus, I can strongly recommend the Language Coaching Certification programme to those, who also seek new and probably more efficient ways to teach English
(Robert, Germany)

“I found my experience with the Language Coaching Certification programme to be an enriching and rewarding self-exploration. For years I have wanted to do more to help my clients improve and the foundation of Neurobased Coaching gave me an extraordinary advantage
(Natasha, Japan)

“The Language Coaching Certificate programme with Efficient Language Coaching combines: coaching, learning and Foreign Language teaching. The Programme is very thorough and gives participants methods of combining all disciplines You learn the optimum conditions for learning, a coaching approach that enables the learner to develop confidence to communicate early on in their learning and an understanding of where to introduce and expand on your standard language training. Coaching in language learning is an obvious extension to existing language training programmes, and learning how to do this enhances both existing teachers and their learners. It is the adult way forward
(Patricia Maier, UK)

“I can’t recommend this course highly enough to anybody looking for a challenging and rewarding change in their professional life. It has been a thoroughly enlightening and enjoyable experience which has firmly set my course ahead. Thank you Rachel!
(Mark, Norway)
“The seminar has enabled me to focus my coaching more directly on the needs of my clients. It has also opened my eyes on how the brain functions with teaching. And most importantly it has given me more confidence in my coaching sessions. Thanks for a great experience
(Ned, Germany)
“Language Coaching is a terrific fresh approach to language learning. Through mutual trust and commitment to the goals, language learning is fun, efficient and effective!
(Alexis, Germany)
“It´s a big breakthrough and foundation for new areas in this working field – a big thank you for your hard work, Rachel, and very pleasurable time of the course – Rachel is a great facilitator opening up exciting aha moments as the information and new ground ideas unfold – modernizing this industry and giving it a whole new insight and being certified with the approval of the ICF. The great value of this course for me has been – being able to label and speak out with confidence…
(Kim, Germany)
“At first sceptical, I now gladly testify in favour of Rachel’s concept of language coaching. The most valuable insight for me at the seminar was to learn about a model that is effective, suitable and compact. The beauty of it is that it is comprised of expert findings of various disciplines that I had heard of and practiced in a rather fragmented manner and which Rachel has put together as a whole to create an excellent working framework, both theoretical and practical. Chapeau!
(Frank, Germany)
“During the LCC-Course I learned how to apply coaching methods and tools in my everyday work as a language teacher. This helped me a lot in designing good structured, effective and motivating sessions for my clients and in making their learning process a highly rewarding and very individual learning experience. I’m very happy that I took this course for it proved to be not only highly useful for my professional and personal growth, but also showed me how important it is for a teacher to “think outside the box” and to profit from other areas of expertise
(Daria, Germany)
“Rachel has certainly come up with ‘a winner’ – the first Language Coaching Certification in the world. As a coach I found this course inspirational, stimulating and motivational. Rachel has developed a plethora of innovative methods to deliver this course. She has an engaging and easy presentation style. She gives the delegate an arsenal of imaginative and creative tools to assist in the delivery of language coaching. The course is very pragmatic with the emphasis very much on client self-development
(Andrew, UK)
“My relationship with Rachel Paling, the director of Efficient Language Coaching, has benefited me greatly and opened my opportunities as well as broadening my perception for learning/coaching a language efficiently. The process that Rachel presided during the workshop in London gave a lot of insights to language coaching.Rachel was very empathetic towards me and she reassured me that with a good life-balance the language coaching will be very successful in the execution. The coaching will give me lots of prospects and it will benefit the change we all need to undertake in order to stay competitive and innovative
(David, Frankfurt, Germany)
“Language Coaching Certification program is a very beneficial one for those who aim a niche that is rare and yet needed. I attended this course in London and it helped me to open to new horizons both in coaching and teaching. Another significant factor for me to take this course was its accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF), an association to ensure consistency in coach training
(Aysegul, Istanbul, Turkey)
“The certification course was simply outstanding! Not only did it help me (a seasoned trainer and coach) re-discover the joys of teaching and learning – integrating coaching skills into the mix is a unique, cutting edge approach. I now have a bigger toolbox to better serve my clients and continue to grow my business. Thank you very much, Rachel!
(Wendy, Berlin, Germany)
“This has been the most enjoyable, worthwhile and productive course I’ve ever been on. The content was excellent – focused on what really matters. Relaxed atmosphere allowed all participants to contribute with their own experience. Both Richard and Rachel were very approachable and competent trainers. I especially enjoyed practising coaching skills and constructive comments on my performance. Loved it!
(Ilona, Poland)
“Having a keen interest in both language teaching and coaching I had great expectations when enrolling on the LCC course – and I got so much more than expected! Not only did I enjoy the atmosphere, the activities, the sharing and reflecting but I got familiar with a fascinating approach which I became extremely comfortable with even within the short time spent in the course. The structure, the attitude of the participants and our trainer, the way of learning definitely worked for me and I am sure what I learnt will benefit my clients in a way they do not expect either
(Zsofia, Budapest, Hungary)
“My experience with the certification course was wonderful. The course was very practical and relevant. But what’s more impactful is the extraordinary preparation it gave me to become a professional language coach. Now I’m prepared to help my clients come up with their own goals and solutions, and therefore, be more engaged in their language learning process and more committed with the results. Do you really want to positively and permanently influence your clients? Are you genuinely interested in helping them learn a new language faster and more efficiently? Would you Like to go on to the “next level” to make a difference in people’s lives? If so, I strongly recommend ELC’s Language Coaching Certification Course!
(Manuel, Costa Rica)
“The Language Coaching Certification course with Efficient Language Coaching has proven to be an invaluable experience for me. The finely-textured instructions and stimulating discussions with my colleagues deepened and expanded my knowledge and skills. The course also opened my eyes to my own potential as a language coach. As a result, I am now better equipped to help language learners to achieve their goals. I feel honored to become a member of this progressive community of language coaches, and to be able to spread the effectiveness and impact of language coaching throughout the world
(Emi, New York/Japan)
“I was very pleased with this course. I spent a year trying to find a coaching certification course applied to language learning. I refrained from many coaching courses and am glad I went with this one. It turned out to be everything I was hoping for
(Carol, Paris, France)
“The course was a real help to me in developing my ability to understand and help my clients. Since I completed the course I have lost count of the number of times I have been confronted with situations where I have been able to apply the models and techniques I learned to get rapid and positive results. The best thing about the course is that it taught me how to apply the knowledge and skills which I already had in such a way as to bring about quicker and more visible progress in my clients’ performance
(Kevin, Paris, France)
“The three-day training course was very fulfilling with sufficient practical exercise but also essential background theory to understand the process / method
(Greg, Paris, France)