Free Webinar for Language Teachers in Serbia
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What is Neurolanguage Coaching® Webinar

Tuesday, 5th September, 20:30 Serbia time

In this webinar, you will learn how to implement brain-friendly coaching techniques and neuroscience in your language teaching.

Jasmina will teach you about:

– How the principles of coaching help to obtain better results
​- How to include the principles of coaching in your sessions
– How to motivate students
– How neuroscience helps us learn
– That each brain is different and therefore each of us learns differently
– How to develop more effective and efficient “brain-friendly” sessions
– How neuroscience and coaching help unblock students’ minds and deal with moments of panic when speaking a language
– The differences between language coaching and traditional teaching
– Benefits of Neurolanguage Coaching®

Delivered by: Jasmina Radivojša, certified and accredited Professional Neurolanguage Coach® and ELC Licensed Trainer

Achieve better results, more motivated, inspired and involved learners!