Interviews with Alumni of the Language Coaching Certification Programme

We are in the process of interviewing alumni of the Language Coaching Certification programme to get their detailed feedback as to how the programme has affected them personally and professionally. We will be updating this page regularly – so please keep checking in from time to time if you are interested to read more.

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“Taking LCC with Rachel was an incredibly fascinating journey during which I could see great transformations not only in my working process but in myself as well. I’ve always liked teaching Grammar, but with LCC I realised that it can be sexy as well :))). I like making my students responsible for the learning process. My teaching process will never be the same. I would like to say BIG THANK YOU to Rachel and all the team. You have changed my life just at the moment when I was pretty desperate about my job. Now I hope to start a new career of a Neurolanguage Coach ® and as I am the first one in Belarus, I’ll do my best to spread it all over the country!

Full interview: Tatsiana Rybalkina LCC Interview

Tatsiana Rybalkina, Language Teacher, Belarus

“Indescribable. It was an amazing experience in every sense of the word. It gave me new insights into brain functioning and approach to language acquisition and it gave me an amazing community of like-minded professionals. I have become more structured and effective because I have learned how to use powerful questions to get more information about my clients and therefore help them better. I see my students much more relaxed, because now I know how to calm them and bring out the best in them. I would like to thank Rachel once again for this life-changing experience.

Full interview: Daniela Kraljic LCC Interview

Daniela Kraljic, English Teacher, Spain

“First of all, it was a very pleasant and enriching experience, both personally and professionally. A lot of the information was new to me and really stretched me to reconsider my teaching approach. One of the major insights it’s given me is related to the idea of neuroplasticity of the brain, the brain as a ‘creature of habit’ and how we can change habits. You can say that this course has planted the seed of change into my brain, as with it I have embarked on a new personal journey to reshape myself. I now pay more attention to my students’ state of mind before starting to work. I try to get them into a more relaxed, more comfortable zone before working. I can see my students a little more motivated and energetic during sessions.“

Full interview: Felicia Verban Kraljic LCC Interview

Felicia Verban, English Teacher, Romania

“I gained lots of insights in how to help people learn languages in a way that makes them responsible for their own learning process. And the brain part was really fascinating. I’m much more aware of the brain state of the student and try to calm the brain in order to learn more efficiently. The big difference is that now my students feel that they have a much more important role in their learning process. I’m looking forward to promote my services as a NLC on our website, and to start with my first coaching sessions.

Full interview: Anneke Siemons LCC Interview

Anneke Siemons, Language teacher, The Netherlands

“LCC inspired me to become a better mediator between the coachees needs and their future outcomes by inquiring, asking permission and listening actively. The LCC provided me a neuroscience frame to support my practice. These elements place the coachee in the center of the learning process leading and owning his/her own learning goals. The active listening also has a great impact in the way I interact with my 3 children and husband reducing the stress when children fight with each other. I can tell that as they own the mechanical and mastery goals their motivation and commitment levels increased. I look forward to the advanced course soon.”

Full interview: Catherinne Guiloff LCC Interview

Catherinne Guiloff, Language teacher, Chile

“Rachel’s approach to teaching grammar was an eye-opener to me and I walk into my training sessions much more relaxed and at ease. It took away a lot of pressure. My training sessions are much more learner-centered and I make sure everyone is aware of their goals. Working towards specific goals improves motivation and I am there to guide them on their way towards their goals. I am extremely grateful for all the insights I have gained during Rachel’s session and her continuous support, and the Neurolanguage Coach© Network is definitely the tribe I had been looking for.

Full interview: Vera Tillner LCC Interview

Vera Tillner, Business English teacher, Germany

“It was even more interesting than I had imagined before. It was rather challenging but really very practical, powerful and resourceful. Every lecture was an insight, really. I started changing from the very first session. I keep on asking all the time and you know, it really works. I think my students feel that I am engaged and take care of them, they understand that their goals are important for me as well as for them.

Full interview: Nataliia Som LCC Interview

Nataliia Som, Language Teacher, Ukraine

“It was a real discovery! The course content is very helpful and well presented by the tutor. I became more gentle and less directive with my students and they are less stressed and tired after my lessons. A wonderful course, a wonderful group and a wonderful tutor.

Full interview: Irina Spiridonova Som LCC Interview

Irina Spiridonova, Language Teacher, Italy

“I think I had an epiphany as Margherita took us through the PACT PQC technique, it’s not about lecturing, it’s about experiencing. I felt like the pace was slower and I then realized that what matters most is my client’s pace and not mine. I now realize how important it is to trigger success and “feelgood” hormones! I had never asked my clients how they were feeling, I keep getting feedback that it feels great to be asked!

Full interview: Marie Claire Berkmans LCC Interview

Marie Claire Berkmans, English Teacher, France

“The course was really interesting and helpful. I could see that teaching can be quite different – cooperation with the learners and giving them more responsibility is great. I could see that teaching can be quite different. I feel that the learners like the autonomy and clear goals.

Full interview: Andrea Povolná LCC Interview

Andrea Povolná, Language Teacher, Czech Republic

“Neurolanguage Coaching® has helped me develop on a professional and personal level. I am now teaching in a more brain friendly way. This course has given me more self-confidence. I know now how to address people in a more effective way. It would have changed my whole approach to delivering a language course. I would just like to thank Rachel and the ELC team!

Full interview: Inge Klisiewicz LCC Interview

Inge Klisiewicz, Reading Therapist, South Africa

“It was an enriching experience from the beginning to the end. Now I can clearly see something I’ve always tried to attain but failed miserably: to keep the student calm and focused. I see my coachees less distracted and more positive about their own learning and the way they see themselves as learners. I am more comfortable presenting myself as a teacher of Spanish and English as a language coach now knowing what goes on in our brains and how to use it for the benefit of my students and myself.

Full interview: Angel Moronta-Martinez LCC Interview

Angel Moronta-Martinez, Teacher of Spanish and English as Foreign Languages, USA

“The course was beyond my expectations for many reasons. Since the first day I started reflecting the way I was delivering my lessons. The most challenging and amazing change was to let students taking control of their learning. I’d like to thank you Rachel for this amazing, life changing course.

Full interview: Aline Treff Meneses LCC Interview

Aline Treff Meneses, English Teacher, Brazil

“I was feeling like a buoy in the language sea and LCC has worked as an anchor for me. LCC course has opened a completely new way of looking at English training for me. It helps to keep the coachee not only in the centre of the learning journey but also helps them take ownership of their learning process. To be honest this course has got me really excited as a coach/trainer and has broken the monotony of teaching. I never thought that I would actually take pleasure and enjoy teaching grammar. Personally this course has been a life changer both personally and professionally. A big thank you to Rachel for having organising a course with so much positivity and creating a safe space to be able to share and exchange ideas.

Full interview: Priya Duc LCC Interview

Priya Duc, English trainer, France

“Taking the LCC course was like seeing language teaching in a different dimension, it was like finally connecting the dots for the whole picture to emerge in my mind. Before the LLC course, I saw that some language learning strategies work and some do not, but only the Neuroscience gave me the answers why. Now, when I teach, I catch myself  asking if what I am doing is “brain-friendly” or not, I can say that this experience enriched my understanding of the learners’ needs and wishes, as well as showed me new learning strategies and processes.

Full interview: Juliana Golovneva LCC Interview

Juliana Golovneva, English Teacher, Romania

“I felt the course was truly inspiring, intense, engaging. I realised how effectively you can help your coachees and build excellent rapport as well as successful, empowering sessions. It helps coachees develop their intuition and unlock their  full potential for success. The immediate impact was for sure more engaging sessions, quicker understanding of the needs, faster and more meaningful learner centered process. I have been feeling definitely more confident and in control of the sessions. Progress is visibly faster and more long lasting. Coachees feel more part of it and are encouraged to do self-correction. They feel motivated to keep trying until they succeed and feel they are making progress,

Full interview: Paola Francesi LCC Interview

Paola Francesi, Language Teacher, UK

“Educational and Exhilarating! I definitely give the learners more autonomy now. It was amazing to see the change in learners’ attention

Full interview: John Moloney LCC Interview

John Moloney, English Language Teacher Trainer, Ireland

“Taking the LCC course was amazing. It was absolutely a case of learning by doing. Throughout the course, Rachel let us feel how it is to be coached and how it is to coach. It was very practical and systematic, so that by attending each session, our skills began to develop. I was fascinated by the neuroscience which provides clear insights into what happens to our learners during the learning process. This also gave greater understanding and underlined why certain practices that I have developed over the years work (and others don’t!). I am passing them a better understanding of how they can learn more effectively and efficiently.

Full interview: Tara Gooding LCC Interview

Tara Gooding, Business English Trainer, Netherlands

“It was definitely a month of incredible insights and hard work. The main highlight for me was learning about Neuroscience and everything that is related to how our brain functions regarding learning processes. I believe I developed a more sensitive feeling towards teaching with all the coaching technique that I acquired. I enjoy the work with my clients and I love seeing the progress and the good feedback. I have incorporated the principles of Neurolanguage Coaching and they absolutely love it! Mostly it has changed my understanding that the coachee is the expert and I am a guide to lead the coachee through his or her pathway. This has been very powerful to learn, it has calmed me down very much while at the same time rising my ‘responsibility’ towards my clients. I am so grateful to Rachel for her commitment in building this community, as well as for her passion and knowledge on the field!

Full interview: Violeta Orgaz Alvarez LCC Interview

Violeta Orgaz Alvarez, English Coach, Spain

“LCC gave me exactly what I needed. It gave me lots of energy, motivation and confidence. I used to read about neuroplasticity before, but what I learned here was way beyond what I had expected. My students can feel the difference. I got very positive feedback about the goal-setting process, as learners feel they get what they need. This course came at the right time. I was looking for ways to make my teaching more efficient and this course answered my questions, gave me the motivation I needed and opened up new horizons as to in which direction to go.

Full interview: Gabriella Szabó-Szûcs LCC Interview

Gabriella Szabó-Szûcs, Language Teacher, Hungary

More recently, I found myself thinking about the roles of teachers, trainers and coaches and so completed an ICF accredited training programme for a Certificate in Professional Coaching Practise. The next logical step was to discover how coaching and language training overlap, which led me to the ELC website, the LCC and a new learning adventure! My biggest takeaway was that building a bridge between neuroscience and the principles of coaching practice, can make language learning more effective, enjoyable and motivating for all those involved. I am beginning to see how actively applying coaching techniques helps to motivate and give autonomy to the learner. I am looking forward to officially calling myself a language coach, learning more about the neuroscience of learning and how coaching provides a positive and impactful learning experience for clients

Full interview: Daphne Klimmek LCC Interview

Daphne Klimmek, Language Teacher, Germany

“From the beginning, the course exceeded my expectations. I enjoy making connections between English and my clients’ native languages and was delighted to see this valued as a coaching strategy. Now I am more aware of the benefits of calming the brain and helping my client find their key motivation for learning. I feel more confident and supported by the network of Neurolanguage Coaches and the ELC team. My use of powerful questions helps to engage my clients on a deeper level. My clients are taking more ownership in their learning at the same time that they look to me for guidance and accountability.

Full interview: Kate Fisher LCC Interview

Kate Fisher, English as a Foreign Language Teacher, USA

“I couldn’t wait for the next session because I knew I would learn more and enjoy every minute of it. Rachel kept me deeply motivated. She keeps the high spirit and focus on every one! It was shocking to see that anyone can learn anything, no matter the age, with the correct guidance to bring motivation out of them and an understanding of the brain and the learning process. It was amazing to see that grammar can be “sexy” and fun, and that we can release the pain from learning with well-set goals and commitment to move forward. Now I don’t feel frightened to give courses online and I am moving forward to coaching English and Spanish to people around the world. I feel much better prepared, with deeper knowledge and fantastic insights. I’d like every teacher to know there are other ways to deliver knowledge. This course brought me back to my essence of being passionate about transferring knowledge.

Full interview: Marcela G. Grobet Vallarta LCC Interview

Marcela G. Grobet Vallarta, English teacher, Mexico

“I had some personal and professional insights which I’ll bring with me for the rest of my life. Learners can improve their attention, their sense of autonomy and responsibility and their self-confidence during the learning process. The sessions are stress-free and brain-friendly, so it looks perfect to adults! I can say I´m a happier person at the moment. Seeing my learners proud of themselves, learning in an easy way and knowing that I could contribute to this make me really happy and fulfilled. It’s lovely to see how individuals can advance in language learning without receiving that conventional “teacher-student” model of teaching. Being a Neurolanguage Coach shows me that everyone has a high potential to acquire a language. Everything is inside themselves and we are here as the intermediates, or the GPSs, while they are the drivers of the whole process. It’s highly gratifying!

Full interview: Bianca Oliveira Mela Furlan LCC Interview

Bianca Oliveira Mela Furlan, ESL teacher, Brazil

“It was very useful and transforming. It gave me totally different approach to language learning. It gave me a guidance of how to coach language students in totally different way than I used to teach them, specially by chunking grammar topics down into learning units that are more brain-friendly. This course/training really changed my personal view of how to deliver language to students and now I really feel more like a language coach than as a language teacher/instructor

Full interview: Dragana Jovanović Kuprešanin LCC Interview

Dragana Jovanović Kuprešanin, Teacher Instructor and Translator/Interpreter, Serbia

“The sessions have become more coachee-oriented, provoking learners to think more and speak more. Additionally, dealing with learning traumas and learning blocks is much simpler and faster now. My coachees feel a lot of support and interest in their learning which motivates them, and they notice that they learn faster and really enjoy the process. Not only my coaches but I myself have become more confident. I shifted to self-employment completely and continued upgrading my knowledge about the brain and learning.

Full interview: Vladyslava Vasylieva LCC Interview

Vladyslava Vasylieva, language teacher, Ukraine

“It was an amazing experience, the training has opened my eyes and showed me a totally new way of approaching my students. With some of my old students, we’ve completely changed the way we work together and it had an amazing impact on their motivation. It was amazing to discover that the ways of working with language students/clients are almost unlimited and that if you open your mind and let the clients decide for themselves, they come up with wonderful ideas and their attitude motivation changes drastically. I started being even more flexible than before the training, I involve my students much more in the learning process than before. I started delivering language coaching to one of my old students and I feel it was a great twist in her learning routine. It gave her new energy and her learning process began to be much more structured and goal oriented than before.

Full interview: Eliška Boušková LCC Interview

Eliška Boušková, language teacher, Czech Republic

“It was altogether a very positive experience, informative and instructive, during which I could learn and practise the fundamentals of language coaching while becoming gradually part of a wider community of change agents. I experienced the power of active listening and the potential of powering questioning, two of the most critical skills that a coach should master. I have noticed a greater sense of awareness of my students’ needs. I pay much more attention and invest much more time to listen to my students’ needs and to work on specific goals that they identify and keep in focus rather than just work toward  goals that I  set for them. I believe the impact is much higher as I can see that also those students with high emotional barriers start feeling more relaxed during class and are more adventurous with the language, in particular when it comes to timid beginners.

Full interview: Silvia Risetti Alcock LCC Interview

Silvia Risetti Alcock, Italy

“It was a wonderful journey of becoming a language coach. I was looking forward to the classes every day, thanks to the dopamine flush given by Rachel. I am more than happy to have found this course. The combination of the elements of “neuro”, “language” and “coaching” gives the opportunity to my students and clients to overcome their difficulties, moreover, find the joy in learning and using the language. Now I pay even more attention to how my coachees feel, what they like, in what way they find comfort. My coachees find the lessons more enjoyable, feel more secure, relaxed. It is wonderful to see the relief in their eyes and even their posture when they are asked how and what they would like to learn. They don’t feel they are the subjects of the learning process but the master of it.

Full interview: Olga Dobrókáné LCC Interview

Olga Dobrókáné, English teacher, Hungary

“It was a mind-blowing experience. Before the course I had felt frustrated about teaching because many methods and approaches I had tried never seemed to work as perfectly as claimed to be and students’ motivation and commitment did not last long. Now I have all the answers I had been looking for a long time. I feel that my learners take more responsibility of their learning process so somehow it makes me feel less stressed and conscious about my performance. The learning journey is being done their way, they are more engaged and into the language. Grammar teaching in coaching is more of an engaging discovery and an interesting conversation rather than a dull explanation. I wish they taught neuroscience at schools. If they did, the world would definitely be a better place. I also believe that the Neurolanguage Coaching approach is the future of language learning because it really works!!

Full interview: Aleksandra Marta Misinska LCC Interview

Aleksandra Marta Misinska, Spanish teacher, Spain

“Now I am no longer a language trainer, but a Neurolanguage Coach! For me it was like a puzzle piece falling into place. The LCC was highly motivating, inspiring, challenging and energizing. I completely changed the way I approach grammar topics by chunking them down into brain-friendly learning units. The most important insight for me however was the transition from a language teacher to a language coach. It is the perfect couple. You build upon your experiences and add the coaching part and the insights of neuroscience. What a ground-breaking merger! My learners are all happy, they are extremely motivated and eager to learn and to improve their English. Being a certified and accredited Neurolanguage Coach® builds the trust you need to start a new business relationship. Exciting years to come…

Full interview: Ingrid Layer LCC Interview

Ingrid Layer, English Trainer, Germany

“The Language Coaching Certification course has been extremely useful, practical, thought-provoking and eye-opening for me.  Practical skills can be learned throughout the LCC course with a tangible result. I’ve changed the role and style of the teacher and become a helper/facilitator who accompanies clients in their personal learning process. Since I’ve completed the LCC course, I started using coaching, brain- based coaching principles and different language learning methodologies as vehicles throughout coaching conversations which concentrate on my client’s real personal needs, interests and goals. I can even see the long term impact on them, they feel more supported and they can open up more concerning their personal struggles and pain in language learning.

Full interview: Krisztina Streitman LCC Interview

Krisztina Streitman, Business English and Intercultural Communication trainer, Hungary

“I got interested in taking the Neurolanguage Coaching® certification course in the first time I saw it in 2017 because what Rachel described in her video and in her website was exactly what I was looking for.  I could see it would make a difference in my teaching and my students’ learning. And I was right.
Now I feel my work is really in the right path and it will not only change the way my students learn but also their lives.

Full interview: Patrícia Teixeira de Queiroz LCC Interview

Patrícia Teixeira de Queiroz, English and Portuguese teacher, Brazil

“The course gave me many new ideas and lightbulb moments on brain-friendly language learning and coaching. My trainings and coaching sessions are now inspiring and energizing for my clients. I have developed a completely new attitude towards helping my students to learn Grammar and noticed the how much they enjoy and improve their language skills. I realized that I can make a difference from original language teaching to a very efficient and inspiring way of learning a language. Another impact on my clients is the way grammar learning is delivered in Neurolanguage Coaching through Grammar breakdowns. Especially linking Grammar aspects to their native language causes a much better understanding of English Grammar. I can work out new strategies with my learners to get around blockages. It energizes and motivates me and my clients to work on their roadmap for reaching their language goals.

Full interview: Petra Navel LCC Interview

Petra Navel, Business English Trainer, Germany

“Neurolanguage Coaching®certification course was a fantastic journey leading me to my life achievement – being someone more than just a teacher! It’s not teaching any more. I treat my ‘lessons’ as social meetings, lovely conversations and a possibility to change someone’s attitude towards learning a language. My learners can enjoy the process, can discover their true potential and first and foremost, they started believing in themselves

Full interview: Renata Kądziela LCC Interview

Renata Kądziela, English Teacher, Poland

“Neurolanguage Coaching® certification course provided me with the knowledge, the boost and a professional edge that I was looking for as a Business English trainer. It greatly contributed to my professional as well as my personal development. Everything the course dealt with blended seamlessly into my daily work so I could try and test the newly-acquired knowledge right away. Due to this course I could experience immediate change in my own teaching / coaching approach, which was rewarded by my clients` progress and positive feedback. They immediately noticed the different approach, which made them calm down and focus more. Motivation is a powerful tool and with the right amount of motivation the learning process becomes more engaging. Energy flows where attention goes – this course by Rachel was exactly the case in point. Thank you very much. I would not have liked to miss it

Monika Brabers, Language Teacher, Netherlands

“The Neurolanguage Coaching® course was a great framework and structure for achieving the best results for learners, I particularly benefited from learning about powerful open-ended questions when looking at clients’ real motivations for learning, signposting language during learning sessions and seeing goal setting in terms of mechanical and mastery goals. Deconstructing the grammar and chunking it down to brain friendly patterns has benefited me in how I approach my own language learning, so I’m confident that this is a very important approach for taking the fear out of learning grammar that many people feel. Doing the course has reinforced the importance of recognising that each one of us has our own unique way of learning and bringing the power of this awareness to our learners can help them focus on finding their own strengths that will ultimately lead to the faster and more efficient acquisition of the language

Full interview: Lynne Reid-McConnell LCC Interview

Lynne Reid-McConnell, English Teacher, UK

“Taking the LCC has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only did I learn, but also I was personally trained to become a Language Coach. I was mostly surprised by how much interaction, role-playing and personal training we had! For the first time in my life I was able to go through a real coaching experience, which is why I now feel confident enough to apply this method with my own clients. I’m feeling more confident and I feel more confident to charge more and value my hours of work. LCC has dramatically changed the way I deliver language. I can now teach grammar in a much friendlier way. Grammar is no longer the “boring” or “frightening part” of my sessions :-). Taking the LCC has led me to proudly say “I’m a certified and accredited Neurolanguage Coach®”, what an amazing feeling! If you’re in doubt about taking the LCC, don’t hesitate! Just do it. Trust me, you’ll be forever thankful to yourself for doing it 🙂

Full interview: Michele Halloy LCC Interview

Michele Halloy, Foreign Languages Teacher, Argentina

“Three words spring to my mind: learning by doing. With all that help and support from Rachel, we were all finding our way to coach each other right from the very start! I also acquired a tremendous amount of immediately applicable theoretical input and knowledge. It would be easier to list highlights and insights from each session as there were so many! The crucial insight for me was that the transition from a language teacher to a language coach is not in any way about discarding your previous professional experience. Quite the opposite. You build on it and add the coaching element and information from the latest neuroscience research, which opens up whole new vistas for you and for your learners. For example, I have completely revised the way I approach grammar points with my learners. The Neurolanguage Coaching® course was a game changer for me.

Full interview: Petr Mařák LCC Interview

Petr Mařák, English teacher, Czech Republic

“For me Neurolanguage Coaching® was a significant step forward! It gave me an opportunity to discover new teaching methods. It was also deeply self-motivating. After the course you are not the same person any longer! You realise how powerful and surprising our brains might be and how much, the way we behave, we speak, we listen to the others influence them and their reactions. I think I became more confident, more creative and efficient. My coachees seem to be happy and that is the most important for me. Secondly, they feel more comfortable in grammar but above all in showing me their weaknesses, so I can help them to overcome them.

Full interview: Dorota Czalbowska LCC Interview

Dorota Czalbowska, Polish and Italian Teacher, Poland

“Taking the Neurolanguage Coaching® course was phenomenal. Delivery of the course by Rachel was perfect, not only in her obvious mastery of the knowledge she shared, but her delivery was on point! I enjoyed the course so much, I would look forward to every session with great anticipation. I really appreciated the melding of coaching practices with neuroscience. The two are woven together in a natural way that surrounds the coachee with a sense of really being understood (not so much academically, but personally, emotionally). I believe this is a vitally important element that sets neurolanguage coaching® apart from other approaches.

Full interview: Diane Jackson LCC Interview

Diane Jackson, Cambridge English speaking examiner, Education director, Content creator and Teacher trainer, Malaysia

“I already sensed that the old methodologies used in the classroom were obsolete and we, as teachers, needed to do a more student-centered work. I just didn’t know exactly how to do it. After the Neurolanguage Coaching® course, this idea became much clearer and the work I should do was no longer a mystery. Now I know exactly what kind of techniques I should use. It was tremendous! I started caring more about how my students feel and neuroscience became a part of the process I begin with each student. I’m no longer a teacher, definitely, but a coach, a trainer. My hour price went up and now I work for myself and can make good money. New clients appeared and I’ve been really busy.

Full interview: Clarisse Roberte LCC Interview

Clarisse Roberte, English teacher, Brazil

“Taking the LCC was something challenging, inspiring and life-changing, indeed. After my certification I was able to understand better how to proceed further, and I noticed how important it is to have a network who is also interested in reaching the same goals. I‘ve been much more motivated to teach, and more interested in learning the way every one learns. I’ve learned how to relax, to work less, to have a break, and consequently my teaching has improved. That has clearly made our sessions more productive, amusing, and they have been more confident and motivated. A huge Thank You! 🙂

Full interview: Marília Schmitz LCC Interview

Marília Schmitz, Portuguese and English teacher, Brazil

“The course was extremely thought-provoking, informative and motivating. Neurolanguage Coaching® allowed me to step into my role. I feel I have the knowledge and the will to continue on this learning journey with Rachel and NLC. I have had success and a good breakthrough with one student I have taught for 5 years. He is speaking, finally!!! Neurolanguage coaching® is one of the best courses I could have done

Full interview: Tamzyn Carra do Couto LCC Interview

Tamzyn Carra do Couto, English teacher, Portugal

“The LCC program is inspiring, motivating and an enriching experience. It has given me the opportunity to merge my soft skills together with some new fresh approaches of Coaching and Neuroscience targeted to language learning. The result: powerful language sessions targeted to my learners’ language goals. Thank you, Rachel for sharing all this knowledge with us and for being such a lively and enthusiastic mentor.
It has been a pleasure to learn from you!”

Full interview: Mònica Barnés Quintana LCC Interview

Mònica Barnés Quintana, Spanish&Catalan Language Trainer, Spain

“It was innovative and ground breaking. I am catering for students’ own needs and desires, which makes me set priorities in my lessons. I have been focusing on results more than ever, particularly how clients see these results, their perception of learning. I feel I’m making them more aware of what they really want and where they want to get.

Full interview: Vera Freitas LCC Interview

Vera Freitas, Language instructor, Brazil

“The course was also a platform which allowed me to exchange experiences and insights with coaches from all around the world, which was truly invaluable. Since participating in the LCC I have been experimenting with using Polish in my sessions and I immediately noticed that my clients grasp various grammatical structures more quickly. Immediately after the course my teaching became more peaceful and more focused. The course has provided me with tools that bring in a lot of structure and clarity to the entire learning process. I am very grateful to Rachel Paling for sharing her knowledge and for creating a thriving community of people who want to develop and grow. Thank you, Rachel!”

Full interview: Natalia Kazik LCC Interview

Natalia Kazik, English language trainer, Poland

“LCC was a fantastic and enriching experience. It was a breath of fresh air. My coachees feel both liberated and committed. Also, I feel that they are truly aware of where they are right now in the learning process. Thank you, Rachel, for the Brain Friendly Grammar Conversations. This is such an important tool when delivering, for instance, the Subjunctive in Portuguese. Hearing my clients say “I want to know more about this” is brilliant!”

Full interview: Fatima Roussado LCC Interview

Fátima Roussado, Portuguese as a Foreign Language teacher, Portugal

“LCC was a easy-flowing experience. Smooth and familiar. I am more patient, I practice active-listening a lot more and it is all about the students now. I think I have finally found a path to follow that really suits me”

Full interview: Alaine Altube LCC Interview

Alaine Altube, English teacher, Spain

“It was really transforming. It’s a whole new way of guiding people to discover a new language. I already feel the impact of the new approach on my coachees. I definitely see them more motivated and aware of their learning processes”

Full interview: Gabriela Brugalli Müller LCC Interview

Gabriela Brugalli Müller, Language teacher, Brazil

“I found this course very inspirational, it motivated me to look differently not only at my way of teaching, but also at my general attitude. I became a better listener and I am asking more powerful questions, this had a significant impact on my interpersonal relationships. I am definitely better equipped to help language learners to achieve their goals. I also witnessed the “aha moments” which my clients are experiencing, and it’s amazing”

Full interview: Evgeniya Medvedeva LCC Interview

Evgeniya Medvedeva, Mandarin Chinese/ Russian/ ESL tutor, The Russian Federation

“The Neurolanguage Coaching® Certificate was the perfect option for my clients and I. I was specifically after something forward thinking.  Neurolanguage Coaching offered that. Through Neurolanguage Coaching® we use a ‘brain friendly’ approach. There are many tools that we learn which really help the clients come out of ‘drama’, negative ‘limbic’ reactions and help prioritize their tasks. The approach is so brain friendly that my coachees don’t feel that they’re ‘in’ training, and at the same time their brain is developing the language skills much faster. It’s very professional, effective and efficient. In addition to this I’m seeing the positive impact it’s starting to have on their personal lives too. It’s a win-win situation. Also, in Europe being a fully qualified Advanced Neurolanguage Coach® under an accredited institution such as the ICF is an additional asset. “

Full interview: Cheryl Williams LCC Interview

Cheryl Williams, Language Teacher, Malta

“Participating at the LCC course was just what I needed to give a new impulse to that moment of my own professional transition. I could feel the positive energy flow. I started to tailor every grammar lesson and left aside books and classic exercises. Giving more space and a more active role to my learners, improves their motivation and strengthens their commitment and self-confidence. I feel empowered to continue and improve my way to deliver highly personalized language training”

Full interview: Monika Vogel LCC Interview

Monika Vogel, Language Teacher, Switzerland

“The words that come to my mind if I think of this course are the following: empowering, inspirational, practical and scientifically solid. It made me even more empowered in myself as more understanding, emphatic and accepting and the way my coachees reacted, the way they were shocked and how much they were energized and inspired was absolutely fascinating and confirming”

Full interview: Rita Farkas LCC Interview

Rita Farkas, Business English trainer, Hungary

“It made me feel renewed in my mission of coaching people into acquiring and improving their language skills. I am rediscovering myself as an individual and as a professional coach. It feels amazing.”

Full interview: Alessandra Gato LCC Interview

Alessandra Gato, Foreign Languages Teacher, Italy

“It was amazing, I really learned a lot!  The coaching principles were very new to me and I am amazed by how helpful they are, even for regular teachers.”

Full interview: Camille Delefortrie LCC Interview

Camille Delefortrie, English and Dutch teacher, Canada

“It was a life changing experience. It helped me also with my confidence as a language professional. It taught me that what I thought it was the best for the students, in fact, isn’t. I think that every single teacher should take this course because it shows how different each person is and what makes the learning process easier and what doesn’t. It changed how I perceive clients, how I tailor the lessons to their needs, how I organize the sessions. They feel more comfortable speaking, they feel encouraged, they are not stuck… They see progress.”

Full interview: Eva Peckova LCC Interview

Eva Pěčková, English tutor, Czech Republic

“It completely changed my approach to how I work with private clients and how I teach in the classroom. Grammar can be fun! It doesn’t have to be boring, and doesn’t mean having to follow a textbook or completing gap-fill exercises. Being able to explain the science behind this approach gives it a professional view. No more going back to „the old way“ of teaching languages! I totally feel like a rebel but in a good way.”

Full interview: Karin Raffa LCC Interview

Karin Raffa, English & German teacher, Germany

“I decided to look for something new. Something that really helped my clients learn English more efficiently. NLC method is the best way how to learn something and measure progress in an efficient way. I now set my very own goals with an action plan focusing on one step at a time and I am now more likely to achieve those goals. My coachees get a feeling of how much they’ve learned and the progress they’re making. They now feel confident with their English.”

Full interview: Juan Carlos Campos LCC Interview

Juan Carlos Campos, English teacher, Peru

“Coaching is not just knowledge but a set of skills and that was perfectly reflected in the practice-oriented sessions. With the LCC course I learnt how to best figure out what an individual needs. I found that the techniques I was learning were perfect solutions to the audience I’d always worked with. I felt energised and inspired and that of course reflected in all areas of my life. My attitude changed and I got more skilled in finding out exactly what my students needed and how they needed me to teach them it. The results they produce are much better and far more tangible than what I experienced as a teacher. This focused and goal-oriented process gives clarity to learning, helps achieve goals and develops learning strategies that guarantee long-term results development.”

Full interview: Zsofia Kocsardi LCC Interview

Zsofia Kocsardi, English teacher, Hungary

“It was definitely a striking and a life-changing experience. I’m feeling I’ve become a more useful teacher at school, a more illuminative coach for my coachees and a more tolerable wife and mum at home. I can see the motivation and satisfaction in their eyes which makes me feel incredibly happy. Since I took the LCC, I’ve totally become someone new. Knowing how the brain works and functions really helped me to understand my coachees’ problems about learning the language. The things I’ve been keeping in my mind since I took the course are: motivate my coachees, find out their previous obstacles while learning the language. My coachees have noticed the difference and they keep telling me how willingly they are coming to my language coaching sessions. I am so happy for having such a fantastic and a life-changing course, and so grateful for meeting a person like Rachel.”

Full interview: Mujde Eroglu Orter LCC Interview

Müjde Eroğlu Örter, English teacher, Turkey

“It was an inspiring and important learning experience. With the LCC course I learnt how to best figure out what an individual needs. I have seen how effective it is so I will gradually shift from just plain teaching to language coaching. My students can really see the change and love it.”

Full interview: Gabriela Alvarez LCC Interview

Gabriela Alvarez, English teacher, Italy

“It was an inspiring and important learning experience. With the LCC course I learnt how to best figure out what an individual needs. I have seen how effective it is so I will gradually shift from just plain teaching to language coaching. My students can really see the change and love it.”

Full interview: Anna Strehl LCC Interview

Anna Strehl, English teacher, Germany

“I found the course fascinating. I found I was guiding clients towards discovering the answer rather than explaining it to them directly. Setting the goals together motivates the client more and starts the course off on a positive note. Now, I’m able to market myself as a Neurolanguage Coach®, differentiating myself from teachers. It made me a more complete language “trainer”. I feel I’m now able to help higher-level learners more effectively teacher.”

Full interview: Gareth Jones LCC Interview

Gareth Jones, English teacher, United Kingdom

“It was definitely an eye-opening experience which grounded my professional practice. It allowed me to know exactly what I am doing to help my coachees achieve their personal language goals. Becoming an active listener was a turning point in my teaching practice. I have grown a neurolanguage coach presence which provides me with confidence to support my coachees. My learners have expressed witnessing a big impact in their language learning process and they highly appreciate it. NLC has definitely been a life-changing experience in my professional development”

Full interview: Ana Sanchez LCC Interview

Ana Sanchez, English teacher, Spain

“I really discovered what coaching is and it blew my mind. I realized that the coaching methods we learnt about were so great and that they work. You’ll get a really different view of your work and of your client in front of you. The immediate impact after the course on my way of teaching was that I tried to focus on the “state of mind” of my client. They are so happy with my attitude and method that I get a lot of recommendations, and I think that’s the best feedback. I am now able to get them in a calm state, so that they are not blocked or afraid of something new or get embarrassed.”

Full interview: Tania Hoffmann LCC Interview

Tania Hoffmann, Luxembourgish and German teacher, Luxembourg

“As I was putting the course to “use” with my students, I saw some changes in the way they received the material, the level of comfort and confidence was increasing and the results were definitely there. I felt like a kid in a candy store because of the old insights led to new insights and more depth. The course helped me gain a “global” vision of life in general and a better way of interacting and communicating with others as well. It also brought more structure into my life. I found that the course affected how I positioned myself professionally. The impact on the coachees I work with is that they become self-sufficient, creative and confident.”

Full interview: Veronique Dupuy LCC Interview

Veronique Dupuy, French Tutor, USA

“The experience on the LCC course was invaluable. The course opened my eyes to my own potential as a language coach. I witnessed the effect which led my coachees to experience “aha moments.” I loved it. I feel honored to spread the effectiveness and impact of language coaching throughout the world. The fact that I am certified gives my clients more confidence to me as a coach.”

Full interview: Emi Kamiya LCC Interview

Emi Kamiya, Japanese and English Teacher, Japan

“Thanks to the course, I have more clarity over what I would like to do in the future. I feel a lot less ‘resistance’ from my university students and I believe it’s because my rapport with them is better, softer. I see myself teaching less and coaching more, both with one-to-one clients and small groups. They do feel a big difference between their traditional English class and their class with me.”

Full interview: Sofia Potes LCC Interview

Sofia Potes, Business English Teacher, France

“Taking the LCC was like taking a step forward in my career as I’d been searching for some effective new methodology and approach to teaching. It helped me change the general approach to teaching from that serving solutions attitude to making the students look for and find the solutions
by themselves. I was able to present my clients the certificate as confirmation of newly gained skills and could negotiate higher prices for my services. I can see coachees enjoy the classes more than when they use course books for learning.”

Full interview: Diana Karczewska LCC Interview

Diana Karczewska, English and Spanish teacher and tutor, Poland

“Everything was so practical that you could test it straight away and the awesome results really motivated me to want to learn more. It showed me how to give the client space and support so that he/she can do all the learning him/herself. I never imagined things could actually go from really good to awesome, and in such a short time. This new-found faith gives the client the right support and motivation to face even a very short course and get a feeling of fulfillment and pleasure.”

Full interview: Ines Reynoso LCC Interview

Ines Reynoso, English teacher, Italy

“I started becoming conscious of the important role of the coach in a session. I discovered a change in the energy not only in me, but also in the coachees. I became a better active listener and everybody saw the difference. My place as a coach is not the same as I used to have as a teacher. NLC certification gave me tools to step aside as a coach, and let my coachees lead the lessons. I feel my learners are eager to learn.”

Full interview: Patricia Quiroga LCC Interview

Patricia Quiroga, English teacher, Argentina